Monday, November 8, 2010

Sweet Mashed Potatoes & Cheese Fondue

Start to Finish: 40 minutes
Rated: 7

With the fall season, my interest has been peaked by all the different vegetables and other ingredients newly in the market. I have actually never made anything with sweet potatoes, so I bought a handful on our last trip to the market. After looking at some recipes, mashing them seemed to be an easy and delicious way to try them. It definitely was simple and although I'd have to get used to the more stringy texture, I do think I'd make these sweet potatoes again.

The recipe follows below, although I did a loose interpretation of it. I used way less butter, milk instead of whipping cream, maple syrup instead of molasses, and unfortunately I didn't have any bourbon on hand. I would love to try that addition sometime. I paired it with chicken as the main course and it was a good meal overall.


We had an early dinner with the chicken and potatoes, so later that night, we decided to make some fondue. We had some smoked Gouda cheese in our refrigerator and we added some sliced mozzarella as well. It wasn't our first time making fondue, but it was our first time putting these two cheeses together. The turnout was delicious. We paired it with toasty wheat bread, smoked sausage, pieces of ham, and mini pretzels. We also had some chardonnay that complimented the cheese wonderfully. Fondue is so easy to make and so delicious. We don't use a traditional fondue recipe. We simply simmer milk and start whisking in cheese once the milk is hot. There are a ton of various ways to make it, but this works for us. It takes maybe twenty minutes and I always rate it a 10. :)

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